Benefits of a green supply chain

Research and benchmarked global competitors develop and deploy strategies. Supplier manufacturer relationships are considered most important for developing competitive advantage for the manufacturer.

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Key Objectives There are five primary objectives that supply chain management can help a company or organization accomplish: A business must be profitable to survive and create value for any other stakeholder group.

Green Supply Chain Management- Examples and Results

Products that are no longer serviceable must be sent further down the reverse logistics chain for restoration, if possible back to new condition. The green supply chain management, these days is widely adopted for the environment purpose it serves.

We conducted a workshop, in which different experts from academia and industry were invited. It will lead to reduction in operation costs as resources are re-used and recycled thereby increase the production and process efficiency. Between reducing emissions, improving tech, or using sustainable practices, every little bit counts.

Success Stories

But this is the area where the largest disconnect between intentions and actions often exist. Making supply chain as green is possible by ensuring that suppliers are using recycled or recyclable materials where ever possible and the minimizing and sustaining the package can have positive impact on the environment and it also saves costs for the business.

Tom Seal is head of research at Procurement Leaders Network.

Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management

Add Value for Customers and Stakeholders Supply chain management aims to create value through financial benefits, match the values of its various customers, and appeal to social value of its customers, stakeholders and community. Share via Email It is easy for a company to present itself as ethically aware, but whether it has robust policies and measures in place to live up to its values is often a different story.

A reduction in packaging costs often translates to an increase in renewable packaging. Implementing GSCM practices initially involves high investment. Besides these, there are several ways to bring the green hue in your supply chain such as, Improves reverse logistics as it emphasizes effective re-use, repair, recycle and re-distribution of containers and pallets, packaging materials thereby reducing pollution levels.

Ali Vahabzadeh and Rosnah Yusuff of the University Putra Malaysia state that both suppliers and manufacturers play important roles in product life cycle management, as they seek to minimise waste and carefully manage the use of natural resources.

Leads to improvement in product quality as processes are streamlined, thereby increasing customer delight and loyalty. In fact, it is some of the biggest companies in the world who have been early adopters of turning to a green supply chain to run their business in a way which not only benefits the bottom line but is good for the rest of the planet as well.

Green supply chain management will help organizations gain a competitive advantage and thereby improve the company reputation in the market and help in attracting new customers. It will lead to reduction in operation costs as resources are re-used and recycled thereby increase the production and process efficiency.

Benefits of Green Supply Chain Positive impact on financial performance Despite ample evidence to the contrary, there persists a myth that going green costs additional expense.

While companies struggle at times to find ways to make their supply chains more environmentally friendly, one subset of the supply chain stands out as inherently green: reverse logistics.

In addition to the demonstrable benefits to the bottom line, companies are seeking to win a preferred position against their competitors, and be perceived in the global market as leaders among other "good corporate citizens" (Figure 1). Building a Green Supply Chain green.

Supply Chain Management Objectives

Green supply chain management is achievable by organizations of any size and in any industry. There are many ways to create sustainable practices, and even .

Benefits of a green supply chain
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