Cultural sensitivity in professional communication with

Team building, hands-on activities, and facilitated story telling where members of a diverse group take turns sharing stories are good tools to awaken interest in evolving from an ethnocentric to a more ethnorelative stage of intercultural sensitivity.

Nurses are front-line advocates for patients. Bureau of the Census. One such minority culture is that of the Amish. Instructors will be using the rubric to grade the assignment; therefore, students should review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the assignment criteria and expectations for successful completion of the assignment.

These people think we are all the same because we are more similar than different and, in the end, we all have similar physical, biological, psychological needs etc.

Folk medicine is passed on from generation to generation and is considered as strong a healing practice as our modern medicine. Hispanics consider lavish praise uncomfortable. In order for nurses to be culturally sensitive when caring for the Hispanic population, there are several key beliefs and values that a nurse should be aware of.

They see their own values as superior. There are over federally documented Indian tribes all across the United States. Hispanic patients need to believe they can trust their caregivers before they will discuss personal health issues. A better understanding of this data coupled with the traditional values and beliefs held by the Amish can make care planning individualized and lead to improved patient outcomes.

Professional Communication: Cultural Sensitivity Essay Sample

If one loses his freedom, he still retains his honor. Hispanics revert to folk medicine because of necessity, dissatisfaction with conventional medicine, and cultural beliefs. Some cultural differences include the overall lack of insurance among this group.

You may also include other nursing interventions that would demonstrate cultural sensitivity. Although there might be some unique differences that exist between these culture groups, as providers and clinicians we must gain the basic knowledge so that we can become culturally competent.

As a result, nursing is challenged with an advanced and challenging undertaking to determine the professional philosophies of nursing as well as to appraise whether the United States has an operative healthcare system for the current social order, particularly when it comes to Native Americans Barker, The Western culture is very time specific and always in a hurry.

Understanding that the Amish usually do not have health insurance, the clinician can offer information regarding needed treatment versus routine testing.

To communicate trust and respect, sit close to the patient, use indirect eye contact, and formally address them. These people have kept much of their cultural identity, as dissented to those who have progressed into the cities and have been transformed westernized into the White culture.

Inthe suicide rate there was 4. A lot of Native Americans have left the reservation and know very regarding their tribal culture, having integrated into the White society.

For instance, people who bow at the right time when interacting with Japanese clients or naturally expect their Mexican guests forty-five minutes after the scheduled start time of a party. They are likely to say no to any medical questions being asked because the misconception is that it will hurt them in their deportation cases.

The main Euro-American culture has moved to a more mixed one Barker, When asked a question, there will usually be a silence before answering any questions, because any question that they deem worthy of responding to is worth bearing in mind.

The nurse who cares for this group of people would benefit from a cultural assessment of their values, beliefs and way of life.

Professional Communition & Cultural Sensitivity. Professional Communication and Cultural Sensitivity The United States is increasingly becoming a multiethnic, multicultural group of citizens. Life is no longer similar for all individuals. As people migrate they bring with them their cultural views, beliefs and language (Bhugra and Becker, ).

In. Professional Communication: Cultural Sensitivity Among Native Americans In nursing school, we are normally taught that we should respect the dignity and rights of all clients.

As the "world becomes reduced" and societies and individuals become more mobile, we are progressively able to network with people that are from other cultures. Cultural Sensitivity in Professional Communication with the Amish Essay Cultural Sensitivity in Professional Communication With the Amish It is a well-known fact that disparities in healthcare exist among minority groups - Cultural Sensitivity in Professional Communication with.

Cultural Sensitivity in Professional Communication with the Amish Essay

PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION: CULTURAL SENSITIVITY. 1. Select one article from a nursing journal focused on a cultural group 2. In the introduction, state your reason for selecting the cultural group.

(Include purpose of paper and rationale for selection of specific cultural group. Cite info from textbook re: importance of cultural competence in nursing) 3.

For this assignment, consult the Professional Communication Cultural Sensitivity Guide.” Write a paper of 1, words on a specific cultural group.

Professional Communication: Cultural Sensitivity Among Native Americans&nbspEssay

PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION CULTURAL SENSITIVITY 3 depended on the quality of social support from the members of the family. In this population, The Search for life on Mars (Recovered).docx Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology BUS HCBA - Summer The Search for life on Mars.

Cultural sensitivity in professional communication with
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