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Utilising a range of literary techniques, the reader is engaged and made aware of the thematic concerns. The hair, she describes, is only permissible to be seen by her husband when married.

Girl With A Pearl Earring Essay

If Vermeer knows that Griet is only wearing one earring while posing for the painting, it hinders the artistic conveyance that he relies so heavily on. Keywords for english essays for high school Keywords for english essays for high school telomerase research paper samacharpatra essay solar energy advantages essay.

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He did not remove his hand. I jumped away from him and bent down to pick it up. She is the only person he has confidence in.

The sexual tension they have for each other is built throughout the novel but the furthest extent they ever show this is when Griet asks Vermeer to pierce her ear. Pearls are linked with vanity but also with virginity — a wide enough iconographic spectrum.

One will begin to see the turban, and realize that she is somewhat sheltered and Protestant.

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Her facial features appear in several of Vermeer's works but his various techniques on his subject make it difficult to compare the female faces in his paintings, as the woman are portrayed in different lighting conditions and poses.

Their artistic ability enables them to view people and things carefully. Chevalier explores the restricted roles of women in a girl with a pearl earring.

Many people would describe clouds as plain white, but Vermeer and Griet point out that many colors make up clouds and they are not pure white.

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Griet often rubs the paste in between her fingers to check for consistency. This also helps to accentuate the facial features and make them as realistic as possible. Color usage is of great importance and significance in the novel.

The restricted roles of women, the battle of the sexes, and class, money, gender and power are themes explored by Chevalier to portray what was happening during the time and the injustices faced by Griet. Vermeer uses his palette to the fullest and his skill in under painting creates an intense volume that has a three-dimensional effect.

Therefore, he paints Griet in secret. This theme looks at women having to outmanoeuvre the men, with whatever means they control. Vermeer often used linseed oil and white lead, and bones while creating his paints.

Throughout the novel, all of these assumptions come to life. Therefore, women played a pivotal role in safeguarding tradition and moral values through the generations. There were two areas in which Vermeer used glazing. Vermeer uses many smooth brushstrokes in this work to create a clear-cut image defined by light and shadow.

It could be argued that he valued their role in maintaining his idealist way of life by ensuring order within the household and raising children within Christian values. For example, despite her poignant relationship with Vermeer, we still view her in a positive light because we know her story.

The blue part of the turban with ultramarine blue and white and then a thin transparent layer of ultramarine once the first layer was dry to add depth and chromatic power to the underlying opaque blue.

Set in the seventeenth century, Chevalier creates a fictional story about a portrait painted by J. His paint build-up through brushwork creates uneven and granular effects and captures the attention of the audience.

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This procedure is called working-up.

Girl with a Pearl Earring

Vermeer started off by sending Griet to pick up materials to grind up and make his paints. Vermeer first explains this to Griet when he is pointing out the colors of the clouds.

Smaller-scale metaphors are also frequent trademarks of this genre, and many w I did not mind when sometimes he had me move my head again and again so that the yellow cloth swung around, so that he could paint me looking as if I had just turned to face him.

The undercoating for the girl's dress helps create depth and a realistic interpretation of the actual material. Chevaliers effective use of dialogue symbolises the class structure of the time, as she is being spoken to in a way that represents her lower class.

Choose Type of service. Vermeer showed Griet how to make paint by grinding up different materials with a muller. She attempts to withhold information from her brother, Frans, about her work and the fascination she has for Vermeer. The painting encompasses the odd color background, the curious turban appearing to have fallen, and the pearl earring.

The Girl with the Pearl Earring Main characters: 1.) Griet: Griet is a protestant girl from Holland who goes to work as a maid in Vermeer's home after her father has an accident that leaves him blind. Girl with a pearl earring tracy chevalier essay.

by | Sep 26, | Girl with a pearl earring tracy chevalier essay | 0 comments. Religion and social welfare policy essay. Short essay about advantage and disadvantage of computer closing sentences for essays learning essay on save sparrow. Barack obama osama bin laden dead speech analysis essay. Girl with a pearl earring movie analysis essay.

November 21, Girl with a pearl earring movie analysis essay. 5 stars based on 44 reviews Essay. Share this: Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Related. Post navigation. Feature Article Forbidden Love The novel Girl with a Pearl Earring should definitely be included on the Novel Ideas book club reading list.

Elyshia Hickey reveals why this fascinating, historical and romantic story will appeal to an adolescent audience, as it explores the theme of sensual awakening. Free Essay: Feature Article Forbidden Love The novel Girl with a Pearl Earring should definitely be included on the Novel Ideas book club reading list.

*MUST HAVE READ GIRL WITH A PEARL EARRING by tracy chevalier -MLA format -5 pages, double spaced -no work cited page necessary as all quotes will be coming from the book -Pick one of the four prompts in the attached file.

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